Scrum Workshop

Ever wondered why Scrum is so popular and why many companies are trying to implement it? In this 1-day workshop I’ll explain this in a very plain manner and talk about Scrum roles, events and artifacts, how to implement Scrum, what the new role of your manager is, contracting with an agile aspect, etc.

During this interactive day, there is room for discussing real life experiences and challenges.

A no nonsense workshop without the use of (many) buzzwords!

Target Audience

  • Developers 
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile Coaches
  • Business/Information Analysts
  • Development Managers


  • Some experience with Scrum
  • Open minded 

Course Outline 

  • Introduction and quiz
  • Scrum Basics
  • Roles
  • Events
  • Artifacts
  • Best practices based on input from audience


Wim van Baaren


Friday November 8th, 2019 – Registration