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Partners can get the ForNAV training fee refunded, if they buy a ForNAV license prior to December 31, 2016. This offer is valid for one person only, for each ForNAV license ordered (max. value EUR 400 or equivalent, per ForNAV license).

All you have to do is send a copy of the training invoice to and write in the comment field the date and the name of the training participant, when you order the license at

The Reports ForNAV Converter makes classic to RDLC fast and easy.

The ForNAV converter enables reports developed for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 and NAV 2009 (also known as “classic” or C/SIDE reports) to run on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 – as well as newer versions that require the RDLC format.

Did you ever dream: “What if Dynamics NAV 2016 still had a simple report designer?” That would make the product perfect.

Combine easy reports with modern technology. Web, Tablet & Phone client, report scheduling and share as PDF using watermarks, merged with existing PDFs.

During a one-day workshop we will bring you up to speed with ForNAV and the possibilities with NAV 2016. Together they are 100% simplicity.

Part One – Introduction

We will start with an overview of the product and a demonstration. We will setup the product on your machine and connect it to Dynamics NAV.

Part Two – Conversion

Let’s convert some classic reports to NAV 2016! Bring your most complex report and we’ll convert it and look at the results. We will explain the internals of the product and how dimensions are handled during the conversion.

Part Three – The Designer

We will deep dive in the ForNAV report designer. Simple as it should be, but enhanced with coloring, images, barcodes and much more.
Lean about advanced PDF features such as Password Encryption, Digital Signatures and printing on Letterhead.
During this part we will also look at the DataSet designer in NAV 2016 and how to create a dataset for ForNAV.

Part Four – Best Practices

Let’s combine the power of NAV 2016 with the simplicity of ForNAV. We will create a report based on a Query that runs superfast on SQL and is easy to design. We’ll look at the report scheduler and learn how to get the most out of ForNAV with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.


Luc van Vugt


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