NAV ALM using Team Foundation Server

In this two days’ workshop, Dynamics NAV MVP Luc van Vugt will show you what he has been doing for years now: Integrating TFS and NAV. A perfect – no, even better – alternative to the various home brewed source control and product planning systems is Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS). TFS is a powerful ALM tool that can support your NAV development projects.

  • Secure your code with history using TFS source control or easily propagate your product to your customer projects.
  • Track bugs and plan your work using TFS work items.
  • Design and manage your test using TFS test manager and even build your fobs using the TFS build systems.

But how to do this with the NAV development environment that is not integrated with Visual Studio? This broad overview will be supported by a hands-on NAV development project in which you will execute on the various aspects of Luc’s top 5.

Target Audience

  • Dynamics NAV developers
  • Dynamics NAV development managers
  • Dynamics NAV product owners
  • Dynamics NAV project managers
  • Team Foundation Server administrator


To get the max out of this course the attendant should be familiar with Dynamics NAV development.

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Secure & Refer

Securing and viewing your source in changesets

Chapter 2: Develop & Fix

Developing and fixing code in a multi-developers environment, syncing Nav and TFS trough isolated workspaces

Chapter 3: Test & Bug

Planning, writing and executing your test and reporting bugs

Chapter 4: Plan & Execute

Planning your product or project by means of a product backlog and executing on the sprint backlog

Chapter 5: Branch & Merge

Propagating your code from development through test and acceptance to production (DTAP) based on your branch and merge strategy

Chapter 6: Hands-on NAV development project

A hands-on NAV development project in which you will execute on the various aspects of Luc’s top 5

Key Benefits 

This workshop is a good introduction to the use of Team Foundation Server in Dynamics NAV development projects, including product development. It will enable you to evaluate its usefulness in your own organization and start implementing it.


Luc van Vugt


April 7 & 8, 2016 – Registration

May 19 & 20, 2016 – Registration