Application Architecture & Design Patterns

During the workshop, we will reveal all the secrets that are hidden in the Dynamics NAV Source Code. You will get answers to questions like…

  • How is Dynamics NAV architected and how do the modules communicate?
  • What are Design Patterns and Anti Patterns and how do they apply to Dynamics NAV?
  • How can I avoid conflicts during my object merge?
  • What impact do monthly rollups have to my roadmap and release strategy?
  • Can the new Delta Files help me get more organized?
  • Why does Dynamics NAV have so much Code Cloning?

Being programmed around the globe this Master Class will now again be held in The Netherlands by either Dynamics NAV MVP Mark Brummel or Luc van Vugt.

Target Audience

  • (Dynamics NAV) Developers


  • 1+ year development on Dynamics NAV (level Solution Developer), or
  • 5+ years development on similar ERP platform, or
  • 5+ years .NET development

Course Outline

The course has four, iterative blocks that explain the elements for good software architecture using Design Patterns, Repeatable User Interface, Coding Guidelines and Architectural Principles. Each block is concluded with useful exercises.

Design Patterns

  • Singleton, Multi Level Setup & Rules Pattern
  • Master Data, Entity State & Compound
  • Documents, Copy, Posting & Archiving
  • Test Near, Test Far, Do It, Clean Up
  • Model View View Model

Coding Guidelines

  • Design
  • Internationalization
  • Localizability
  • Readability
  • Data Dictionary
  • Hungarian Notation
  • User Interface

Repeatable Software UI

  • Instructions in the User Interface
  • Transaction Data Update
  • Hiding Fields & Fast tabs
  • Totals on Sub Pages
  • Create Data from Templates


  • Define Object Hierarchy
  • Enhance the use of the Symbol Menu
  • Interfaces
  • Function Libraries
  • Natural Language Programming
  • Encapsulation
  • Arguments & Overloading
  • Façade & Hooks

Next to this attention will be paid to Code Cloning, Events, Extensions, etc.

Key Benefits

This masterclass helps you to write better structured and cleaner code that is easier to read, maintain and upgrade.


Mark Brummel or Luc van Vugt


March 10 & 11 2016 – Registration

April 7 & 8 2016 – Registration

September 29 & 30 2016 – Registration


June 5 & 6, 2018 – Registration