C/AL for Dummies

Being a functional Dynamics NAV pro, one way or another, you’ll be looking at C/AL code every once in a while.

Having a hard time understanding it? Wondering about the purpose of various terms? Trying to understand what these developers have been programming?

If these questions keep on popping up when being confronted with the code behind Dynamics NAV join this 1 day workshop led by Microsoft Dynamics NAV MVP Luc van Vugt. You even might want to bring your colleague.

After discussing the various building blocks of C/AL using standard NAV objects, we’ll be building a small application. Using the debugger we’ll also will hunt our own programming errors.

Target Audience

  • Dynamics NAV Functional Consultants
  • Dynamics NAV Administrators
  • Dynamics NAV Project Managers

Key Benefits

Getting a basic understanding of how to read C/AL.


Luc van Vugt


November 13, 2015 – Registration

April 21, 2016 – Registration

November 4, 2016 – Registration