C# for C/AL Developers

There are many situations when a simple C/AL developer needs to open Visual Studio and write a few lines of C# code to make things work. Even though writing simple hello-world-level things is often not a big deal, more often than not you may feel that there is much more that C# as a language and .NET as a programming framework have to offer. And you are right!

There are so many things that C# does that is completely foreign to C/AL folks, many hidden gems, many best practices to adopt, much power to harness. Whenever there is a problem that only C# can solve, and if C# is not a part of your arsenal, you may either attempt to guess the solution, or you might find a chunk of code on Stack Overflow or somewhere which does something. And it often solves your problem, but you still stare at it as into a cuneiform tablet, and you know it works but you don’t really understand why. You do not want your code to own you. You want to own your code.

This two-day workshop is led by Vjekoslav Babić, a veteran in both C/AL and C#, who has worked with C# since it was still in its digital diapers, will unveil the secrets and the power of this language, that is as elegant as it is powerful, and that is – above all else – useful. You will learn how to write C# the way C# folks do, with all the syntactical twists and logical tricks. You’ll learn all about delegates, anonymous methods, lync, generics, and a lot more other concepts that until yesterday might have been all Greek to you. Whoever told you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, come and prove them wrong.

Target Audience

Dynamics NAV Developers


To get the max out of this course the attendant should be familiar with Dynamics NAV Development.


Vjekoslav Babic


June 15 & 16, 2017 – Registration


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